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Day One - Making a mess!

Well today was the first day of working on the preparation of the material for my masters thesis!

I made a box for my sample material and mixed plaster of paris to cast the stalagmite in the box. I did this to make the sample easier to handle and more stable for when we cut the thick section from it.

The box is made from scrap cardboard (go recycling!) and packing tape, and measures around 27cmx7cmx7cm.

It was a bit difficult to stablize it so that the flat inner surface of the stalagmite was paralell with the box side so I made some support inserts to hold it in position.

We filled the box up to around 4-5cm from the bottom as it has a very uneven surface.

The plaster of paris was hilarious - holy messy! Also, way more than 1/3 water was needed to make it possible to pour - boo on package directions!

Here we see the lovely sample with items for scale.

Partially finished box and sample.

Sample now stabalized with the oh-so-nifty bits of cardboard.

Overhead view showing the extra room in the box, soon to be filled with plaster!

Some extra wedges were added to make sure the flat surface was paralell to the box sides.

Now filled with gooey plaster! Tomorrow it will be dry and I can take the box off  :D




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