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Point of no return - A trip to the saw man.

Today we drove to Uppsala to go to SGU and slice the stalagmites into thick sections!
It only took a couple of hours, which was much less than I had anticipated. The saw was gigantic, noisy, and looked like it would severely maim its operator at any second, but it was super fast!

Here we are lineing up my sample, now named G2u, to cut a 7mm thick section.

There it goes in the saw! There was dusty mist all over from this thing. Messy messy :D

Here is a closeup of the saw blade in action. Yikes!
Also, we discovered that more plaster is a good thing as it gives something to rest against the back plate of the saw and also makes sure the thick sections dont fall down thru the blade guide into the big, dirty, pool of water.

Yet another picture of G2u getting cut.

Here we have the finished thick section on the left and the remaining stalagmite material on the right.

Here is another shot of the thick section.

And a final large size image of G2u, thick section on the right this time :)


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