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Slow and steady sees time fly by

Well! My plan was to have all the stable isotope samples finished by next week but that would take a miracle! While I have managed to get all the prep done, with help from Steffen and Martin at INK, I havent started yet as I have a course in statistics that is on (and its really fun, actually!). So hopefully I will spend at least one whole day next week in the lab and get a good start on things. I have sent off a this picture to the lab and professionals in charge of the dating work to find out where they would like the date material taken from.

Anyways, here is a scan at 600dpi taken on a copy machine - who knew they could do that! Isnt technology wonderful :)

The scale is a cm scale, and my sample is 19,1cm along that line.  That will make for around 190 samples for stable isotope analysis. Whee! Drill drilldrilldrill!



As you can see, sadly, my sample is broken - probably happened during the sawing but was not visible until I removed the plaster. Much gnashing of teeth from my part about that, lemme tell ya!

Martin and I went to the SU Butiken and purchased 350 glass sampling vials and papers to use for the sample material. My first time in the SU Butiken - some seriously cool stuff in there, and I understand now why everyone seems to drink Skånerost coffee. And all this time I just thought there was a common agreement that it was the best coffee ever. Meh.

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