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I've got blisters on me fingers!

Well after two weeks of lab work, Im done drilling all the isotope samples for my stalagmite! My count is 232 samples plus a couple of "oops!" holes that I made and discarded the sample material from.  I used a dental drill on a dremel tool, and cleaned it with 1mol HCl and distilled water in between taking each sample. I used compressed air to dry the drill and blow any leftover material off the stalagmite in between samples. I tipped the material onto weighing papers, a new one for each sample, and put the material into small glass vials. Pics of that stuff later :)

I polished the stalagmite with 3 types of wet  use sandpaper , 600, 1000 and 1200 coarseness. Made a big difference in being able to see the layers. Tomorrow I just have to draw the scale along the growth axis and label the hendy test sampling sites (H1-H7, going from top to bottom).



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